How change voice recording sounds like an old man for free?

Voice changer is a kind of voice equalizer which can change your the tone or pitch of or add distortion to the user's voice, or a combination and vary greatly in price and sophistication. Here we only display the function of change the tone or pitch of voice. Or just we can call it voice disguise or sound effect.

Following paragraphs will introduce you how to change your voice to sound like an old man.

Steps to Change your voice recording like a an old man

#1: Open us Voice Changer website.

The web service is free & safe, without any ad offers.

Because our voice changer is an online software, you don't have to download any application to your computer. Only need to open the web url Voice Changer.
open voice changer website

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#2: Prepare your recording

Our voice changer has provided 2 ways for you to upload recording file. Don't worry that you do not have a voice recorder.

Method 1-Upload your recording file

Click the button "Upload" to upload your recording file.

upload recording file

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Method 2-Record a voice file

If you want to record real-time voice file, you can click the button "Record" to make voice file.

recording voice

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After you uploaded recording voice, you will receive a notification like this.

#3: Choose "Old Man" sound effect

We provide several sound effects for your reference.

Because we want to change voice recording to sound like an old man, we need to pick the icon "Old Man" to make our transformation.

choose sound effect

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#4: Waiting for voice changing

After you choose the icon "Old Man", only needs to wait for a little while for our system to proceed the auto equalization.

waiting for voice change

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#5: Listen and Check

When the voice equalization finished, you can listen to the changed recording and check if it has already been changed to sound like a an old man.

listen and check

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#6: Download the changed recording file

After you confirmed your changed recording, you can click the button right to download the "old man-like recording".

download changed recording

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That's all the steps to change recording to an old man sound effect.

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